Welcome to the home of Circulate Movement Arts!

2016 offerings have included:

The Circulation Project for professional and creative development currently running in Melbourne.

Weekly classes in Warrnambool, Victoria in Pilates/mindful fitness, plus a monthly Mindful Body workshop series.

Contemplative photography workshops through the F Project, Warrnambool.

I am available for workshops, classes and consultations in Body-Mind Centering®, experiential anatomy, and embodied, contemplative approaches to making art – throughout Australia and beyond.

2017 will see:

The continuation of The Circulation Project in Melbourne, and a possible iteration of the project in Adelaide.

Workshops with the founder of Body-Mind Centering®, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, in Sydney and Melbourne. Visit www.stickytickets.com.au/BMC2017 for details and registration. For her first time ever teaching in Australia (and New Zealand), Bonnie will be offering workshops on Embryological Foundations of Movement: A Body-Mind Centering® Approach and Basic Neurocellular Patterns (BNPs): A Body-Mind Centering® Approach to Developmental Movement.

Teaching developmental movement and embodied leadership on the Embodied Practitioner Certification program with MetaIntegral Academy. The next round of this exciting course begins in March 2017 in the Adelaide hills.

Fishing line, Hopkins River Bridge, 2015 Kim Sargent-Wishart

 Vitality and happiness depend on circulation – physiological circulation such as that of the breath, blood, and lymph; energetic circulation of vital life forces; social circulation of ideas, relationships, connections. Compassionate conversation, creative expression, and engaged, sensitive perception – these are all aspects of circulation between each of us and the worlds we live in, the worlds we share, the worlds we create. The opposite of circulation is stagnation. Circulate Space aims to open up the flow of creativity in each of us, through building relationships, encouraging physical, mental and emotional movement, and exploring pathways of engaging expression.