Kim Sargent-Wishart (RSME, RSMT, PhD) is an artist, researcher and educator specializing in somatic movement methodologies across a range of applications, including continuing education, creative development and leadership. Research interests include embryology as a model for embodiment and creative practice, the life cycle, things we leave behind, contemplative photography & perceptual process, and everyday beauty.

She has a BA with Honors in Dance from Wesleyan University (Connecticut, USA) and a PhD in Performance Studies from Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia). She is a Certified Practitioner and Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®, and a Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist (ISMETA). Kim has taught movement education with a focus on Pilates since the early 1990s in San Francisco, and before that trained as a massage therapist and bodyworker. A student of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition for over 20 years, her arts practice is influenced by the practices of Miksang contemplative photography, and dance/movement improvisation.

Circulate Movement Arts & Education hosts the Circulation Project as well as workshops and events.

Kim is the Administrative Director of Somatic Education Australasia (SEA), offering the Body-Mind Centering® licensed Somatic Movement Education program beginning in October 2019 in Melbourne.

k i m s a r g e n t w i s h a r t  <at>  g m a i l <dot> c o m

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