Kim Sargent-Wishart (PhD, RSME, RSMT) is an artist, researcher, educator & writer specializing in somatic education, physical practices & contemplative photography. Research interests include experiential embryology and physiology as models for creative practice, the life cycle, the things we leave behind, and everyday beauty. Kim applies somatic and creative methodologies across a range of applications, including professional and creative development.

She has a BA with Honors in Dance from Wesleyan University (Connecticut, USA) and a PhD in Performance Studies from Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia). She is a Certified Practitioner and Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®, and a Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist (ISMETA). Kim has been a movement educator, Pilates instructor and bodyworker since the early 1990s. A student of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition for over 20 years, her arts practice is influenced by Miksang contemplative photography and dance/movement improvisation.

Circulate Movement Arts & Education hosts the Circulation Project as well as workshops and events.

Kim is the Administrative Director of Somatic Education Australasia (SEA), offering the Body-Mind Centering® licensed Somatic Movement Education program in Melbourne. She is the co-editor of The Art of Embodiment (2021) and co-founder of The ASTER Institute.

Recent publications include See where you are: somatic meditation and contemplative photography, Journal of Dance, Movement & Spiritualities, Volume 8, Numbers 1-2, 1 December 2021, pp. 97-107(11).

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“I’m not usually where I think I am. It’s kind of spooky.”

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