Currency (2017)

Still 3, Currency by Kim Sargent-WishartCurrency Screenshot 1
stills from Currency (2017)

Currency is a screendance created with a group of local Warrnambool dancers spanning 6 decades in age, from teens to sixties. It explores questions of ageing and visibility in girls and women, and represents ageing as ambiguous and slippery, as movement along a current or continuum of time. Challenging fixed ideas of ‘old’ and ‘young,’ it also considers issues of ageing and cultural currency, the desire to be visible or to disappear, and the experience of our physical bodies as simultaneously architecturally formal and illusory. Currency premiered as an installation at the Warrnambool Art Gallery 10 November – 3 December 2017.

Additional screenings:
Sarah Lawrence College 3rd Annual Dancefilm Festival, New York, April 2018
Wesleyan University Celebration for Susan Lourie, Connecticut, April 2018
BMCA Conference, Smith College, Massachusetts, June 2018
DanceBARN ScreenDANCE Festival, Minnesota, July 2018


Postcards for John Cage (2015)

still from Postcards for John Cage (2015)

Postcards for John Cage (2015) is a short experimental film shot around my home and the nearby beach. It plays with overlaying images and bringing different times/places into relationship.


cast (2014)

still from cast (2014), featuring dancers Fiona Cameron and Jason Marchant
still from cast (2014), featuring dancers Fiona Cameron and Jason Marchant

cast (2014) explores how we circulate through and with our outer world as an ongoing creative path of generation and perception; our inner world and connection to the deepest ground of being; and the sheer pleasure of being a strong, capable, dancing, tactile, mobile body. Inspired by Dharma Arts practice, Miksang photography, and the pedestrian art movement going back to Marcel Duchamp, cast celebrates everyday beauty, ‘auspicious coincidence,’ and our potential for meaningful connection.

Screenings include:
Flooding in the Garden, Forest Collective Dance Film Event, Melbourne, 2014
BMCA North American Conference, Skidmore College, New York, 2014
BMCA European Conference, Ghent Belgium, 2015
F Project Cinema, Warrnambool, 2015

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