Presence, perception and embodiment in Body-Mind Centering® and contemplative photography practices, Moving On journal, special issue on The Art of Embodiment. Forthcoming 2020.

The Enfolding Body: Embodying the dynamics of cell division, in Body and Awareness. Sandra Reeve, editor, Triarchy Press. Forthcoming 2020.


Sargent-Wishart, K. (2012), ‘Embodying the dynamics of the five elements: a practice dialogue between Body-Mind Centering® and Tibetan Buddhist philosophy,’ Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices, 4: 1, pp. 125-142.



Cast: Embodying ground, path, and fruition in early embryology’ and ‘Exploring ground, path, and fruition in early embryology,’ in Harrison Blum (ed.), Dancing with Dharma: Essays on Movement and Dance in Western Buddhism, 2016, McFarland & Co.


Currents 2016

‘Surfacing Research through Stream-of-Consciousness writing,’ Currents journal, 19:1, Winter 2016. Available through the Body-Mind Centering® Association. Or download the file by clicking here.



My PhD, Making nothing out of something: emptiness, embodiment and creative activity, can be downloaded in pdf format (327mb) by clicking here (the file will open in a new window). Alternatively it is available to download in three sections from the VU Research repository here.


Embodying Differentiation and Wholeness: Lessons from Embryology,’ a conference paper, is available to download on my page. This paper was given at the Science and Nonduality Conference, San Rafael CA, USA, 29 May 2012.



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