The Circulation Project

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The Circulation Project is a 9-month immersion into Body-Mind Centering® somatics, meditation, contemplative arts practice and embodied inquiry designed to ignite and sustain creative development, facilitated by Kim Sargent-Wishart, PhD.

Dive into somatic, contemplative, and creative exercises during six weekend intensives, exploring models of mind, body and the material world as generative and circulating, as the ongoing making of place and expression of space.

Modalities include movement research, hands-on bodywork exchange, sitting and movement meditation, solo and group improvisation, contemplative photography and reflective writing. Share research questions, discoveries, creative outcomes and frameworks for exploring creative development. These in-person sessions are extended via suggested readings and exercises, journaling, and an online support forum. Each participant is encouraged to choose a project to develop to fruition over the 9 months.

TCP is organized around a logical framework of Ground, Path and Fruition, a model drawn from the Shambhala and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, and incorporates the developmental movement progressions and embryological dynamics drawn primarily from Body-Mind Centering®. Practices of reflective writing and composition, meditation and somatic awareness develop our capacity to be present, to wake up to fresh inspiration, and to follow the threads of questions through an ongoing experiential and creative journey.

After two rounds of the full 9-month project, I’m planning a shorter version for mid-2019. Watch this space for more information coming soon, or get in touch if you’re interested. 


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all photos by Kim Sargent-Wishart