textobjectext syposium

A couple weeks back I attended a one-day symposium at LaTrobe University Centre for Creative Arts called textobjectext, on writing the posthumanities.  There were some interesting talks, and I particularly liked making carbon-paper palimpsests with Kay Rozynski, while listening to Alvin Lucier’s I Am Sitting in a Room getting progressively more resonant and rhythmic as it got more distorted. I remember listening to it at Wesleyan, on vinyl, for I’m not sure which class (History of Western Music?). The day included offerings on dandelion tea, starlings, illegibility, Beckett (Mr. Watt and Mr. Knott), victimless leather and lab-grown meat, Barbara Bolt’s paintings after Motherwell, modernity’s great divide, chaos theory, hypertext…

I took some photos while at La Trobe and on my way home; my own found textobjects:

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