becoming: embryology & movement

Each week we will dip into an aspect or phase of human embryological development – how our bodies took shape and grew – and take this into movement. Experiential embryology can support integration, alignment, expression and freshness in our current anatomical and physiological systems. This 7-class series is offered over zoom, and recordings will beContinue reading “becoming: embryology & movement”

moving into presence: somatic practices for a changing world wellington workshop

Moving Into Presence: somatic practices for a changing world with Kim Sargent-Wishart and Kate Barnett These fluid and changing times call for new ways of perceiving and navigating. Our bodies know a lot about change. Cellularly, physiologically, as human beings we are a transformational process. Attending to our moving body can give rise to insightContinue reading “moving into presence: somatic practices for a changing world wellington workshop”


LANDING:Melbourne in-person workshop Sunday 28 August 12-2pmOkTopia Space, Thornbury LANDING is meeting gravity with awareness, dancing with the floor and what lies beneath, tapping into our inner (proprioceptive & vestibular) senses of which way is up, and down and over there. LANDING supports our ability to push off and reach for new horizons, new connections,Continue reading “LANDING”


Circulate: Somatics & Creative Practice Two 5-week blocks (come to one or both) Connect to your body, mind, environment, and creative flow. These sessions include guided somatic movement practice connecting to body systems, sensation, perception, and different ways of attending to your inner and outer worlds, as they appear in the moment. Each week willContinue reading “circulate”

inside out

Inside Out: Body-Mind Centering®, experiential anatomy & dance 9-week series 2 August – 27 SeptemberTuesdays 10-11am8am Perth / 9:30am Adelaide / 12noon Auckland USA MONDAYS 5pm San Francisco / 7pm Chicago / 8pm New YorkBookings here Each week we will dive into an aspect of anatomy in movement (muscles, bones, joints & organs). There willContinue reading “inside out”

Somatics & Photography

Somatics & Photography – 6 class series (meets alternate weeks) This course introduces contemplative photography from an embodied, somatic approach drawing on Body-Mind Centering®. Somatic practices and contemplative photography share a fidelity to being with what is emerging and appearing, to slowing down and attending to what we perceive, in the moment. A somatic approachContinue reading “Somatics & Photography”

Somatic Systems

Explore moving with the body systems– fluid, organ, endocrine, muscle, ligament, fascia, skeletal, nervous – from a Body-Mind Centering® approach. These classes are open to anyone interested in movement, creative expression, and presence. “All systems are active at all times, serving either a supporting or expressing function. It is this complex overlapping and weaving togetherContinue reading “Somatic Systems”