Somatics & Photography

Somatics & Photography – 6 class series (meets alternate weeks) This course introduces contemplative photography from an embodied, somatic approach drawing on Body-Mind Centering®. In weekly zoom classes experience guided somatic movement meditations that engage perceptual process. Play with ways of attending to and framing experience, and evoke creative perspectives on movement and the visualContinue reading “Somatics & Photography”

Somatic Systems

Explore moving with the body systems– fluid, organ, endocrine, muscle, ligament, fascia, skeletal, nervous – from a Body-Mind Centering® approach. These classes are open to anyone interested in movement, creative expression, and presence. “All systems are active at all times, serving either a supporting or expressing function. It is this complex overlapping and weaving togetherContinue reading “Somatic Systems”


movingTHROUGH is a 3-day mini-series on pathways of perception & expression. Tuesday 19 April – the ears: hearing & orienting Wednesday 20 April – skin, touch & proprioceptionThursday 21 April – vision & integration10-11am Melbourne time (AEST)8am Perth / 9:30am Adelaide / 12n AucklandUSA: 5pm San Francisco / 7pm Austin / 8pm New York(the previousContinue reading “movingTHROUGH”

Middle Ground

Middle Ground: 6 week series This online course offers embodied explorations of the middle of the body, sometimes called the ‘center’ or ‘core’ – a central organizing place for movement development and integration. Explore the dynamic anatomy and embryological beginnings of the ‘middle ground’ through guided somatic movement practice based in a Body-Mind Centering® approach.Continue reading “Middle Ground”

Refresh: drop-in BMC classes to move into a fresh new year

Refresh. Time to connect with your breath, the rhythms of your fluids, your body’s thinking. With gravity and space. Eyes and ears, arms, legs, and spine. Organs, weight, pathways. Sensation. Kindness and curiosity. Being a human, being. Classes will feature guided movement explorations that you can do in your own way – restful or active,Continue reading “Refresh: drop-in BMC classes to move into a fresh new year”

The Art of Embodiment

The Art of Embodiment, published by the Dance Movement Therapy Association of Australasia (DTAA) with the Body-Mind Centering® Association in 2021. Edited by Jane Guthrie, Kim Sargent-Wishart, Heather Hill and Angela Clarke. Brimming with the voices of experienced embodiment practitioners, this heart-led publication celebrates embodied intelligence and shares multiple body-oriented practices that deepen connection andContinue reading “The Art of Embodiment”

Space & Time

These sessions offer scaffolded space and time to nurture your creative practice and cultivate the things that matter to you. Somatic, contemplative arts and writing practices help us reside in the places where curiosity meets intention. Honoring inklings and nonlinear logic, treating ourselves with compassion, respect and humour in the not knowing. I offer structuresContinue reading “Space & Time”