Space & Time

These sessions offer scaffolded space and time to nurture your creative practice and cultivate the things that matter to you. Somatic, contemplative arts and writing practices help us reside in the places where curiosity meets intention. Honoring inklings and nonlinear logic, treating ourselves with compassion, respect and humour in the not knowing. I offer structuresContinue reading “Space & Time”

Patterns: 10 week online series

Our movement, like everything in nature, is based in patterns. Explore foundational patterns of movement from a Body-Mind Centering® perspective – from underlying fluid patterns of vibration and cellular activity through to full-body coordination through the spine and limbs. Meet some of the early reflexive responses that underlie how we relate with gravity, spatial orientationContinue reading “Patterns: 10 week online series”

Mindful Embodiment lunchtime & morning sessions

Mindful Embodiment New times for October: Tuesdays 12:30-1:15pm and Fridays 7:30-8:15am. Begins Tuesday October 5th. Join me, along with Angela Clarke and Kate Barnett, Tuesday lunchtimes and Friday mornings in October for some mindful embodiment practices that are a tonic for keyboard hands, desk-hunched shoulders, and screen-tired eyes. We invite you to turn away fromContinue reading “Mindful Embodiment lunchtime & morning sessions”

Somatic Meditation & Photography

Somatic Meditation & Photography8-week online course 8 October – 10 December 2021 (8 classes- no class 5 November or 3 December)Zoom classes Fridays 1-2:30pm Melbourne (AEDT) 10am Perth/12noon Brisbane/12:30pm Adelaide/3pm AucklandUSA: Thursdays 10pm EDT/7pm PDT; then 9pm EST/6pm PST after Nov 7thOr watch the recordings at a time that suits you. Sharing of photos, commentsContinue reading “Somatic Meditation & Photography”

Body-Mind Centering® drop-in classes

September 23rd and 30th are special benefit sessions. Registration is free, and all are welcome. If you can, please donate to my dear friend Doug MacKenzie’s gofundme campaign to support him with medical expenses in recovering his eyesight. Doug is an old friend, and the person who first got me interested in Body-Mind Centering! AllContinue reading “Body-Mind Centering® drop-in classes”

Nervous System 5 week course

This 5 week course introduces the Nervous System through a Body-Mind Centering® approach, engaging with imagery and guided movement. Content will include experiential exploration of sensory and motor processing, autonomic (sympathetic/parasympathetic) balancing, the glial cells (white matter and myelin), ways to support and release the brain and nerves, and the enteric nervous system of theContinue reading “Nervous System 5 week course”

Fluids System 5 week series

Human bodies are at least 60% fluid. Our fluids maintain our internal systems of transportation, communication, and circulation. All of the fluids – cellular, transitional, interstitial, cerebrospinal, blood, lymph, and synovial – support a dynamic range qualities of moving, resting, communicating, expressing, transitioning, and being present. This 5 week course introduces the fluids from aContinue reading “Fluids System 5 week series”

Body-Mind Centering® weekly drop-in classes June-July 2021

Thursday morning Body-Mind Centering® classes zoom classes are back on!Thursdays 10-11am Melbourne (AEST)8am Perth//9:30am Adelaide//12 AucklandUSA: Weds 5pm PDT/8pm EDT10 June – 8 July $5-$20 AUD sliding scale – pay what suits your circumstances. Bookings here. Body-Mind Centering® weekly drop-in class with Kim Sargent-Wishart. These classes will focus on developmental movement patterns that underlie theContinue reading “Body-Mind Centering® weekly drop-in classes June-July 2021”

Somatic Meditation & Photography online course: the art of perception

Somatic Meditation & Photography online course: the art of perception 24 April – 5 June (6 classes- no class 15 May)Zoom classes Saturdays 10-11:15am Melbourne 9:30am Adelaide/8am Perth/12 noon AucklandUSA: Fridays 5pm PDT/8pm EDTSharing of photos, comments & questions on Slack any time. Register here!$40 – $130 Sliding scale – pay what suits your circumstances.Continue reading “Somatic Meditation & Photography online course: the art of perception”

Somatic Systems – 8 week series

Somatic Systems: Body-Mind Centering® & Movement8-week seriesTuesdays 10-11am Melbourne time 27 April – 22 June (no class 18 May)(USA: Mondays 5pm PST/8pm EST, 26 April – 21 June)Bookings here:$40 – $160Sliding scale fee available – pay what suits your circumstances. My next Tuesday morning series explores moving with the body systems– fluid, organ, endocrine,Continue reading “Somatic Systems – 8 week series”