Circulate: Somatics & Creative Practice

Two 5-week blocks (come to one or both)

Connect to your body, mind, environment, and creative flow. These sessions include guided somatic movement practice connecting to body systems, sensation, perception, and different ways of attending to your inner and outer worlds, as they appear in the moment. Each week will invite practice into other forms of creative expression and observation – including writing, drawing, sounding, photography and dancing. You can follow my suggestions or adapt the practices to suit your own interests & needs.

There’s an extra optional half hour for people participating live that wish to stay and share (discuss experience, share what you made/wrote/discovered, co-create with a small group). It’s a low pressure, fun, and supportive time for exchange and inspiration.

Classes will be recorded and available for all who register.

Two 5-week blocks:

Series 1: 4 August – 1 September book here
Series 2: 27 October – 24 November book here

Important note for the 2nd block – if you’re not in the same time zone as me, please check when/if your time changes! Use a time zone converter such as, plug in 10am Melbourne. We shift to daylight savings on October 2nd.