inside out

Inside Out: Body-Mind Centering®, experiential anatomy & dance

9-week series 2 August – 27 September
Tuesdays 10-11am
8am Perth / 9:30am Adelaide / 12noon Auckland
USA MONDAYS 5pm San Francisco / 7pm Chicago / 8pm New York
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Each week we will dive into an aspect of anatomy in movement (muscles, bones, joints & organs). There will be some sharing of images and information, with most of the time dedicated to moving.

Dance means whatever your dance is – big, small, restful, energetic, totally improvised or something familiar from your previous practices. Dance might be a way of thinking in movement, or a way of sensing into your body, or stress release. Whatever your dance is, experiential anatomy is part of the ‘inside story’ that supports, nourishes & inspires movement from the inside out.

Classes will be recorded and available for all who sign up, so you can do them in your own time and return to classes that you want to do over again.

Drop-ins are welcome for single sessions by arrangement – these do not include access to the recordings.