Microcosm: Life inside the cell

Centrioles, mitochondria, ribosomes, cytoskeleton, nucleus…. our cells are complex villages of organelles and activity. We’ll visit some of these structures and play with bringing them into expression through movement, drawing and writing. All welcome. Thursdays 10-11am (Melbourne time):18 & 25 February4 & 18 March1 April$5 – $20 per class. (Classes are offered on a slidingContinue reading “Microcosm: Life inside the cell”

Circulation: Exploring somatic movement – 6-week series

Circulation: exploring somatic movement6-week series 23 February – 30 March 202110-11am Melbourne time Bookings: trybooking.com/BORKD Each week we will visit different movement patterns and pathways arising from the body-mind ecosystem and carry this into external movement expression. Drawing on approaches from Body-Mind Centering®, movement improvisation and meditation practices, we meet the ongoing movement of ourContinue reading “Circulation: Exploring somatic movement – 6-week series”

Skeletal Clarity – six week online course Nov/Dec 2020

“The skeletal system gives our body the basic form through which we can locomote through space, act on the environment, and sculpt and create the energy forms in space that we call movement. Through embodying the skeletal system, the mind becomes structurally organized, providing the supporting ground for our thoughts, the leverage for our ideas,Continue reading “Skeletal Clarity – six week online course Nov/Dec 2020”

Vital Organs – six week online course Sep/Oct 2020

“Organs are the contents…. Occupying our inner space, they provide us with our sense of volume and full-bodiedness, and the inner vitality and support for our skeletal alignment.” -Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Sensing, Feeling & Action Explore the vitality, support, fullness and unique qualities of the organs, through a Body-Mind Centering® approach. Each week will focusContinue reading “Vital Organs – six week online course Sep/Oct 2020”

Circulation Project Online: Elemental Dynamics 6-week course

The elements represent the fundamental dynamics of creative activity and material composition. This course draws on the Tibetan system of elements – space, air/wind, fire, water and earth – as it relates to embodiment, movement, and creative arts practice. Class time will include guided movement practice based in Body-Mind Centering®, prompts for writing, drawing, and/orContinue reading “Circulation Project Online: Elemental Dynamics 6-week course”

Connection & Recuperation: Body-Mind Centering® Online

Join me for Body-Mind Centering® classes via zoom.Thursdays 10-11am Melbourne (AEST)8am Perth//9:30am Adelaide//12 noon AucklandUS: Weds 5pm PDT/8pm EDT23 July – 17 September $5-$15 AUDBookings here. Body-Mind Centering® weekly drop-in class with Kim Sargent-Wishart. These classes will focus on the ways that we connect with gravity, space, our environment and inner experience. Drawing on experientialContinue reading “Connection & Recuperation: Body-Mind Centering® Online”

Online Body-Mind Centering® classes: connection and recuperation

Supporting connection and recuperation. Join me for Body-Mind Centering® classes via zoom. Tuesdays 10-11am Melbourne (AEST) 9:30am Adelaide/8am Perth/12 noon Auckland US: Monday 5pm PDT/8pm EDTTuesdays 10-11am. Ongoing, beginning 19 May 2020, at least through June. $5-$15 AUD Bookings here. Body-Mind Centering® weekly drop-in class with Kim Sargent-Wishart. These classes will focus on the waysContinue reading “Online Body-Mind Centering® classes: connection and recuperation”

Somatic Meditation & Photography online course 22 May – 26 June

Somatic Meditation & Photography online course: exploring the art of perception and everyday beauty 22 May – 26 June 2020 (6 classes) Zoom classes Fridays 10-11am Melbourne (AEST) 9:30am Adelaide/8am Perth/ 12 noon Auckland US: Thursday 5pm PDT/8pm EDT Sharing of photos, comments & questions on Slack any time. Register here! Concession rates available. InContinue reading “Somatic Meditation & Photography online course 22 May – 26 June”

Energetical Symposium

Energetical symposium March 13th Presented by Platform Arts and Deakin University, Energetical is a program of symposia, exhibitions and workshops on Thursday 12 and Friday March 13, focusing on the value, labour, experience and intergenerational knowledge of female-identifying artists and arts workers living or working in regional Victoria. Energetical will be the first event of its kindContinue reading “Energetical Symposium”