Refresh: drop-in BMC classes to move into a fresh new year

Refresh. Time to connect with your breath, the rhythms of your fluids, your body’s thinking. With gravity and space. Eyes and ears, arms, legs, and spine. Organs, weight, pathways. Sensation. Kindness and curiosity. Being a human, being.

Classes will feature guided movement explorations that you can do in your own way – restful or active, big or small – where you are, how you are. We’ll draw on a range of material from Body-Mind Centering developmental movement, physiological systems and embodied embryology. The main focus will be movement, with time to write, draw and reflect. There will be minimal screen time. Drop in to one or more, or do the whole series.

Can’t make the class time? Classes will be available to view as recordings so you can do them at a time that suits you.

Mondays & Thursdays in February 10-11am on zoom.
Sliding scale fees $7-21 per class.
Bookings at
Contact me if you need further concession or other arrangements.

Body-Mind Centering (BMCsm) is a highly experiential approach to inhabiting the alive, responsive territory of our body-minds. Based in embodied anatomy, physiology and embryology, BMC recognizes the interdependent, developmental and creative nature of being a human being in the world. For more about BMC please visit