Middle Ground

Middle Ground: 6 week series

This online course offers embodied explorations of the middle of the body, sometimes called the ‘center’ or ‘core’ – a central organizing place for movement development and integration. Explore the dynamic anatomy and embryological beginnings of the ‘middle ground’ through guided somatic movement practice based in a Body-Mind Centering® approach.

Some of the material that will be included:

-embryology of the umbilical cord as a place of nourishment and connection
-navel radiation (starfish) as a foundational organization pattern
-muscle and organ pathways (psoas muscles and kidney/bladder triangle)
-layers of connective tissue in the abdomen – including diaphragms, peritoneum, and mesentery

Anatomical and embryological information will be shared with ample time for you to move, to learn from your own embodied experience, and integrate with your movement practices.

1 March – 5 April
Tuesdays 10-11am Melbourne time*

Mondays evenings in the USA.

*Please note that there are clock changes during this 6-week block! Melbourne time changes April 3rd. If you are in a different time zone please check your local time for each week. Contact me if you need help with this.

$45 – $125 sliding scale (pay what suits your circumstances)
Easy online booking at http://www.trybooking.com/BXKIB