Surfacing Research through Stream-of-Consciousness writing

My article ‘Surfacing Research through Stream-of-Consciousness writing,’ has just been published in Currents Journal (19:1, Winter 2016). The article features a collection of writings that emerged as part of my practice-led PhD research. I developed the writing practice as one method of surfacing and sharing embodied experience. The journal is available in print and digital versions through the Body-Mind Centering® Association.

An excerpt:

You can see me thinking in the space,
writing with 2 hands 2 feet a head and a tail,
writing in air with open heart and mind.
Mind like a sieve but is it sifting things out from the inside
or in from the outside? Or a little bit of both.
There’s a profundity in the room, simple,
like a landscape,
unrehearsed but present,
not needing anything more but full of potential.
Heart head and guts equally appreciated, equally engaged – muscle; joint.
The sound is AH.
Continuous presence, like the sky embraces all weather patterns.
Look at anything substantial and you can see it isn’t solid –
there’s space in everything.
Kangaroo’s pouch, house with lights on, cupped palms,
between the lines and in the lines.

How do people discover anything without moving?

Currents 2016

Interested in contributing your own somatics writing? Check out the Currents 2017 Call for submissions. Theme for 2017 is Metamorphosis: Evolving in Space and Time.

Currents, the annual journal of BMCA, is a professional periodical that publishes writing on the nature of the body-mind experience across disciplines. Supporting both scholarly and creative texts, Currents is unique in its attention to the development of somatic writers and their writing. We welcome fresh research, rich description, and embodied documentation of new modes of thinking, healing and expression.