Trash Talk at the F Project Gallery

Trash Talk Flyer

In conjunction with my current exhibition, Trash & Treasure: the things we leave behind, please join me, along with artists Colleen Hughson, Megan Nicolson and Rachel Peters for Trash Talk, an artists’ talk on using trash in/as art.

I will be joined by a power trio of artists who are also activists and big thinkers. Colleen is a filmmaker who has led the community in an ongoing clean-up of a massive nurdle spill in Warrnambool. (Don’t know what a nurdle is? Check out the Good Will Nurdle Hunting facebook page to get up to speed. They’re nasty little plastic pellets that look a lot like fish eggs.) Megan is a textile artist who has been recently inspired to create gorgeous colourful baskets out of fishing rope collected off the beaches. Rachel is a visual artist working in collage and paint who has been using beach debris in her paintings for many years. We will be introduced by photographer, surfer, environmental steward and Warrnambool city councillor David Owen. Along with sharing our own practices, I’ll be showing some examples of artists around the world working with trash and beach pollution. It’s going to be an inspiring evening.

F Project Art Gallery
224 Timor St, Warrnambool
Weds March 7th, 5:30-7pm. Entrance is free.