Ocean Grove monthly workshops – postponed

Being in space

This workshop series is postponed until we are able to gather in groups again. xKim

Being in Space: Body dimensions in movement

How are we spatially organized, and how does this affect our organization as we move through space?

Drawing on embryological and developmental movement patterns through the approach of Body-Mind Centering®, this workshop series explores the body’s dynamic spatial dimensions in alignment, movement and relationship.

Classes include an introduction to anatomy and embryology, guided movement exploration, hands-on and movement facilitation with partners, and time for discussion and applications to your current movement practice. All welcome.

Sundays 12-3pm at High Tide Yoga
73 The Esplanade, Ocean Grove
$60/$50 concession

Book online at www.trybooking.com/BJCKU

22 March: Early embryology (front, back, & middle body)
19 April: Fluid patterns (cellular breathing, sponging & pulsation)
17 May: Head to tail (gut tube, neural tube & spine)
14 June: Starfish (integrating the 6 limbs, center to periphery)
19 July: Wholeness and differentiation in action (supporting dynamic movement)