Performing Mobilities Conference

I attended the Performing Mobilities (the Melbourne cluster of PSi#21) conference at RMIT and VCA Melbourne, in October 2015. I gave a presentation on Cycles of Dispersal and Coherence. Abstract: The mobility of matter partly hinges on its density, and density is often shifting. Within our physiology and our environment, there are significant cycles of matterContinue reading “Performing Mobilities Conference”

new projects

I’ll be presenting at two conferences soon – in September at Transversal Practices: Matter, Ecology and Relationality, VI Conference on New Materialisms at the VCA in Melbourne. I’m giving a talk on cell division and the film cut as ‘gestures of diffraction.’ And in October at the Performing Mobilities Symposium at RMIT, part of the Performance Studies InternationalContinue reading “new projects”


  Images from my dance/film cast, featuring dancers Fiona Cameron and Jason Marchant, with camera work by Cobie Orger, Elanor Webber, Roy Chu, and myself. The film premiered at the Body-Mind Centering Association conference at Skidmore College, June 2014 (without me!), and screened as part of the Independent Film Festival at Flooding in the Garden, Abbotsford Convent in DecemberContinue reading “cast”

textobjectext syposium

A couple weeks back I attended a one-day symposium at LaTrobe University Centre for Creative Arts called textobjectext, on writing the posthumanities.  There were some interesting talks, and I particularly liked making carbon-paper palimpsests with Kay Rozynski, while listening to Alvin Lucier’s I Am Sitting in a Room getting progressively more resonant and rhythmic as itContinue reading “textobjectext syposium”