BMC Somatic Education for Yoga & Movement Teachers: kidneys, adrenals & psoas 24 April

Body-Mind Centering® Professional Development for Yoga & Movement Teachers: Aligning Contents and Container

April 24th: Explore the kidneys and adrenals in relation to the iliopsoas muscles, diaphragm, pelvis and legs

with Kim Sargent-Wishart

One Heart Yoga & Meditation, Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne
New session added 24 April
Wednesday 12-3pm
$55/50/45 concession
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This workshop series explores the interrelationships of the organs, endocrine glands and skeletal system in supporting movement and expression. Based in Body-Mind Centering® embodied anatomy, the workshops are designed for yoga & movement teachers (and other keen movers) who want to deepen their somatic experience of movements and postures.

The organs are the landscape of our innermost vitality. When fully inhabited, the organs can bring a deep, easy support to movement and presence, while expanding one’s range of expression. The endocrine glands underlie our internal responsiveness and hormonal fluidity, and can take us beyond individual movement experience to archetypal forms. When brought into alignment with the skeletal system pathways, the organs and glands can support, express, extend, exalt, and ground our movement practices.

Workshop time will include instruction in BMC embodied anatomy and physiology, guided movement explorations, hands-on exchange, and opportunities for participants to generate applications to their own teaching practice. This will include practice teaching in small groups, in order to share ideas and foster creative practice in a supportive environment.

Single workshops $55/$50/$45 concession

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