Points of exchange: Somatic explorations of transformation

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Points of exchange: Somatic explorations of transformation
A Circulation Project half-day immersion

Feed your practice, nourish your cells, create in community.

Sunday 28 July 2019
Siteworks, 33 Saxon St, Brunswick
$75/$60 concession
(Contact me if you need further concessions.)
Bookings at trybooking.com/521399

“There are two endless directions: In and out.”
-Agnes Martin

Movement inwards and outwards is a constant rhythmic flow in our fluid, embodied, emergent lives. We draw in nourishment, materials, inspiration to create and compose; we offer our compositions to the community where they are received, digested, re-composed. We inspire; we are inspired.

This half-day immersion will introduce you to dynamics of exchange and transformation in the body, in the environment, and in collaboration. Travel with the breath cycle into the cells and the mitochondria within, through somatic meditation. Invite deep cellular wisdom to the surface and into space, through practices of timed somatic writing and improvisational movement scores. Feed your practice through giving and receiving of words, images, and movement, activating the potentiality of space and community.

Explore how the experience of this fundamental movement inwards and outwards transforms through writing and moving together, reading aloud, witnessing, recording, re-writing, reflecting, digesting and collaborating. Enter collective creative practice, where creative expression can be further transformed through the responsive presence of other people.

Please bring a mat or blanket (or both) for the floor, warm layers, and a notebook and pen.

Tea and coffee are available in the Siteworks kitchen for a gold coin donation.

“Through cycles of breath and digestion, we give and receive in partnership with our environment. Following these cycles inwards we meet the mitochondria, deep inside each cell, where food and air are transformed into vital energy. Following the cycles outwards into space, we meet plants, where sunlight, nutrients and gasses are transformed into the air and food that nourish us. At both points of exchange there is a transformation of substances, performed by organelles – mitochondria in our cells, chloroplasts in plants – both evolved from bacteria. A mutually beneficial dance of exchange relies on these transformative events, through which the plant and animal worlds breathe and nourish each other.”