Skeletal Clarity – six week online course Nov/Dec 2020

“The skeletal system gives our body the basic form through which we can locomote through space, act on the environment, and sculpt and create the energy forms in space that we call movement. Through embodying the skeletal system, the mind becomes structurally organized, providing the supporting ground for our thoughts, the leverage for our ideas, and the fulcrums or spaces between our ideas for the articulation and understanding of their relationships. It provides the foundation for the psychophysical qualities of clarity, effortlessness and form.”
-Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Explore the exquisite mechanics of the skeletal system through a Body-Mind Centering® approach. Each week will focus on a different part of the skeleton, working with anatomical images and models to locate bones and joints in our own bodies. Exploration time will include movement, self-touch, drawing/writing, applications to movement practice, and discussion.

No previous experience necessary – just a curiosity about your body/mind, a little space to move, and a decent internet connection for zoom classes.

Classes will be recorded and available for participants.

Tuesdays 10-11:15 am Melbourne time
3, 10, 17 & 24 November
1 & 8 December
(Monday evenings in the US)

*Please note that most Australian clocks spring forward one hour on 4 October (except for Queensland and WA), and US clocks fall back an hour 1 November. Please check your local time conversion here.

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I have set up a sliding scale range of fee options, please choose the fee that best suits your circumstances. If you are without work and can’t afford the lowest fee please get in touch.