Circulation: Exploring somatic movement – 6-week series

Circulation: exploring somatic movement
6-week series

23 February – 30 March 2021
10-11am Melbourne time


Each week we will visit different movement patterns and pathways arising from the body-mind ecosystem and carry this into external movement expression. Drawing on approaches from Body-Mind Centering®, movement improvisation and meditation practices, we meet the ongoing movement of our cells, fluids, breath, blood circulation, reflexes, senses, mind and more, and how these somatic movements underlie our interactions with our larger ecosystem and communities.

Classes offered on zoom. Recordings will be available if you can’t make the class time live.

Open to all levels of movement and somatics experience, and totally adaptable to your movement capacity and available space. Zoom link will be sent out after registration. Payment is offered on a sliding scale – please choose the rate that fits your situation. If you are able to pay the higher fee, this helps cover those who need the lower fee.