Anatomy of Movement

Anatomy of Movement monthly workshop series
First Friday of the month, 1-2:30pm Melbourne time, on zoom.
7 May, 4 June, 2 July, 6 Aug, 10 Sep, 1 Oct, 5 Nov, 3 Dec.

November 5th – Muscles
This month, instead of specific area of the body we will explore the dynamics of muscles in motion. Drawing on Body-Mind Centering® muscle theory, we’ll explore the physiology of muscle tissue and tone, directionality of flow, and (what I call) muscle companionship.

December 3rd – Voice
For our last session of the year we will explore the physiology and movement of voice – our diaphragms, the vocal folds of the larynx, and the moveable architecture of resonance in the throat and head.

Explore movement practices through the lens of Body-Mind Centering®.

Classes will draw on anatomy & embryology of the organs, glands, muscles and bones, integrating with the primitive reflexes and developmental movement patterns.

There will be time in breakout rooms to discuss and share active applications in your own movement practice.

For movers and movement teachers interested in experiential research within a practice community.

Bookings here:
Sliding scale fees available $15-$35 per 90 minute session- pay what suits your situation.