Somatic Systems – 8 week series

Somatic Systems: Body-Mind Centering® & Movement
8-week series
Tuesdays 10-11am Melbourne time
27 April – 22 June (no class 18 May)
(USA: Mondays 5pm PST/8pm EST, 26 April – 21 June)
Bookings here:
$40 – $160
Sliding scale fee available – pay what suits your circumstances.

My next Tuesday morning series explores moving with the body systems– fluid, organ, endocrine, muscle, ligament, fascia, skeletal, nervous – from a Body-Mind Centering® approach. It’s open to anyone interested in movement, creative expression, and presence. Please join me!

“All systems are active at all times, serving either a supporting or expressing function. It is this complex overlapping and weaving together of the systems that gives our movement its subtlety and personal distinctions.”

-Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, “The Dancer’s Warm-up,” Sensing, Feeling and Action

Our cells collaborate to create tissues and systems, which co-create the larger ecosystem of our body-mind. The expression and mind of each system brings a different range of qualities to presence. Most of us express more easily through certain systems, while others might be in shadow. Each system uniquely supports arriving, circulation, expression and integration. A systems approach can help modulate responsiveness, clarity, flow, attention, strength and connectivity, while generating new movement possibilities.

This 8-week series introduces these body systems through guided movement, improvisation, writing and drawing.

No previous experience necessary. Movement is adaptable to your unique situation – move according to your available space, energy levels and capacities in the moment.